AbsolutelyNew Power Leash


  • 16′ retractable leash with eight 1/2 lb interchangeable weights that can attaches to top and bottom of the handle.
  • Pouch stores a roll of waste bags and small personal items such as money, credit cards and keys.
  • Unique double-action trigger that controls the leash with using just the index finger.
  • Very simple and easy to use.

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Product Description

The Power Leash consists of a weighted retractable 16-foot leash and a separate weighted handgrip-both balanced with interchangeable ½-pound threaded weights.

For easier leash control, pull the Trig-LockTM to stop the leash, simply pull it again to unlock-no more thumb locks!

The separate handgrip features a zippered pouch that stores a roll of waste bags-there’s even room to store keys or other small items.

Eight ½-lb. weights included. Power Leash works best with dogs weighing up to 50 lbs.

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