Airwheel X6


New version! More powerful and longer range driving self balancing unicycle electric scooter X6. Airwheel

  • Max speed:16Km/h
  • Max Load:100Kg
  • Range:20Km/per charge
  • Weight: 9.6Kg
  • Charger Voltage:100-220V

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Product Description

This is a self balancing electric drived high tech unicycle. It is a revolutionary for personal transportation. It is designed to be environment friendly with high energy efficiency. It can drive you home from subway station or drive you to your office from the park. Its small shape and light weight makes it very convenient to solve the last one mile problem. The IPS brand unicycle intelligent system balances you automatically. The on-board gyroscopes and inertial monitoring make corrections to the motor speed and power hundreds of times per second.It is the lightest and small enough to put in your backpack, and easy to ride, an hour to learn of riding, about a day to become proficient. IPS is the latest high-tech means of transport adopting aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy algorithm, and gyroscope system to achieve balance by forward and backward leaning. Users can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, brake or others, by inclining forward or leaning backwards. The left and right balance is similar to the technique of riding a bicycle – achieved through slightly slanting left or right. IPS features as a green product that can be easily carried around on bus or subway, making it a helpful tool in commuting.

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