Harcos Labs Zombie Jerky Teriyaki

$7.95 $4.75

  • With 13 grams of protein, and only 1 gram of fat, it has significant nutritional, as well as novelty, value.
  • Each package is 1.25oz (35g)

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Product Description

So youve destroyed the brains of your first zombie. Congrats! But now what What do you do with the festering, rotting body It was just this question that plagued (get it) us at TG Zombie Defense HQ.

Zombie Jerky is really just tasty chunks of teriyaki beef jerky accented with green stuff.

Packaged in a neato specimen pouch, Zombie Jerky will prove to everyone that youll eat anything (and also earn you lots of grossed out looks).

And all the while, youll know its not really expeople. Or is it! Hey, zombies have been eating us for years its time for us to return the favor with Zombie Jerky.

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