HK1 Hydrokinetic Adjustable Wrench


  • 7.5 inches, Nickel plated cold forged steel
  • Unique Hydrokinetic adjustment system
  • Easily adjusts to cover 23 sizes, metric and standard
  • Slim and ergonomic design allow to fit into hard to reach areas
  • Strong grip to remove damaged bolts and nuts

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Product Description

This is the World’s first hydrokinetic adjustable wrench and is the only box-end wrench you need. It is as slim, reachable and strong as regular wrenches but you only need to carry one. It got very high evaluation by ‘Popular Science’ and ‘Tool Snob’. “The HK1 Hydrokinetic Wrench is one of the more innovative items we’ve come across in quite a while.” – by Tool Snob “One of the 12 must have products of 2009″ – by Popular Science Magazine

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