Roadrage Megaphone with Uncensored Version! Adults Only!


  • Are you guilty of having road rage? Annoyed? Frustrated? All all other drivers morons?
  • Do you find that your voice gets sore after you go on road trips because of all the yelling and screaming at other drivers?
  • Don’t take bad driving anymore! This Megaphone shouts different evil, nasty things at other vehicles and slow-walking pedestrians at the press of a button!
  • This megaphone doesn’t hold back and it sure will let your fellow drivers know how annoying bad drivers are!!
  • Batteries Included

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Product Description

• Every car needs one! 6 sayings to blast at the other drivers pull the trigger for real annoying sounds and strange effects loud and loaded with batteries ready to go! honk honk – come on!!! my granny can drive better than you d!@khead!! honk honk -

• Yeah, I’ve got two words for ya buddy!! F@#king Idiot!! honk honk – Get Your F@#ked UP heap of crap out of my way!!! honk honk – Uh, are you driving that piece of s#!t to the dump?!?! honk honk – come on!!!

• Get out of the way you f@#king moron!! honk honk – Green is for F@#K YOU!!! Go!! Go!! Go!! You God Damn Idiot!!.

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