USB Pet Rock


  • Great gift for everyone.
  • Don’t need food or water.
  • No electricity needed.
  • ┬áCompatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Greenest USB products ever created.


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Product Description

Simply plug the USB cable into a free port and let the fun begin. The USB Pet Rock will instantly begin to work its magic. People will stop by and ask you what your USB Pet Rock does.

Each time, you can make up a new story; for no matter what you say, it will be greater than the truth – because these USB Pet Rocks don’t do a dang thing! Except make you smile. And confuse your friends and coworkers, which will make you smile even more.

They are the greenest USB products ever created, as they draw absolutely no electricity.

They are compatible with Windows (7 and lower); Mac (all OS’s); Linux; and all other past, present, and future operating systems – no drivers needed!

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