Waboba Water Ball


  • Bounce Waboba ball on water for the ultimate beach ball
  • Play with an unlimited number of friends or follow the Waboba game rules
  • Great for the swimming pool, beach or any water surface

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Product Description

The Woboba Ball has recently taking Europe by storm! Introducing the ball that can bounce on water!

The Waboba Ball is great for playing in the sea or swimming pool. Soft, rubbery and highly visible, the Waboba Ball is great fun for holidays and will slip easily into a pocket, suitcase or bag.

Play with a friend or team, invent new water games and have fantastic fun whilst keeping fit! Fun for all the family, this Water Ball is a great way to play with the kids and bond with the parents.

The ball will float on the surface of the water, making retrieval easy! The Waboba Ball will test your catching, throwing and bouncing skills!

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